Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Handmade gift exchange goodness

Thank you Tammy, my handmade gift exchange buddy, for such amazing gifts! G-I-F-T-S! That is right! Boy, was I spoiled (and giddy), when I got the package she sent me last week.......

Tammy is an amazing knitter and card maker. She sent me 3 handmade cards (one of which had a lovely note from her), a beautiful vintage looking mailing tag, decorated with buttons, a flower and some lace, a lovely brown mug rug (that is adorning my office) and 3 dishcloths/potholders.

We exchanged a few emails and although I don't recall giving her so much information about what I like she absolutely nailed it. I love the colors she chose and the materials she worked with. Tammy, thank you so much! Your package is on its way and you should get it today/tomorrow. I will post pictures of what I sent Tammy over the next few days so as to not spoil the surprise.

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  1. The kitchen pads are wonderful you might be so expert in knitting:-))

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