Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby shower inspiration

Gotta love pinterest! You can find me here.

                                                       Source: bakerella.com via Ooh on Pinterest

I am going to try to make cake pops for the very first time. I am so worried because I am not a baker! Baking is too precise for me, and I ALWAYS end up changing the recipe here and there and thus ruining everything..... But these are just too cute and I may have to behave myself and FOLLOW. THE. DIRECTIONS. TO. A. T.

                                                                         Source: marthastewart.com via Ooh on Pinterest

I just love the simplicity and elegance... You can never go wrong with pink and white... But wait! I am going to throw some brown into the mix! I hope it turns out just as beautiful.

                                                  Source: thecottagehome.blogspot.com via Ooh on Pinterest

I love how she used mason jars instead of regular glasses. I love mason jars!

                                                         Source: charlottesfancy.com via Ooh on Pinterest

How awesome is this? Once again, doilies add a touch of nostalgia and the right amount of elegance. I heart doilies!

The baby shower I am organizing for baby Camila is only 2 weeks away. I'd better get moving!

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  1. looks like you have some WONDERFUL ideas coming together Isabela! it's going to be beautiful i'm sure! hope you share some pics!!

    i may need some pinterest lessons ;)

  2. Such beautiful ideas! Love those cake pops!

  3. oh cake pops, my sons birthday is in December and i want to make them and I am so nervous because like you I am not a baker. To exact for me, I'm more of a throw it in there and see how it goes kinda girl! Good luck it looks like from your inspirations its going to be a beautiful shower!


  4. i have just recently come to love the world of pinterest! great inspiration finder!...here from wild olive!

  5. I'm planning a baby shower right now! Following you on Pinterest! I'm ginnysaurusrex :D


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