Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The cutest, sturdiest dog toy: PrideBites™

Leela and I spent a week in Vegas, to visit our furryends at Super Zoo, a trade show for people who are in the pet industry: distributors, manufacturers, groomers, shop owners and more.

We had so much fun, made some awesome new furryends and got to see the coolest products ever.

Leela is as particular about her toys as she is her treats. You see, my little lady is picky. Very picky. Or as she puts it: she knows what she likes. period. BOL.

Which is why we were so very impressed when we came across PrideBites...

Image courtesy of PrideBites

She normally prefers her stuffed "mousies" (meet Lola, one of her faves), but she absolutely adores her new PrideBites toy. How could she not?!? The bright colors are so awesome, they come in different sizes (the small bow is perfect for her size), soft, washable and it squeaks! And you know this momma is happy when she comes across a company that values quality & workmanship as much as I do. These toys are well made folks. Really well made.

How cool is this Glow in the Dark toy? Source.

Made with DuraBite fleece, two layers of super durable material, soft foam and encased squeakers, they are durable. I love me some durable toys! Because let's be honest: Leela is not always gentle when it comes to play time.  I love it that even after she pulls on it, chews on it, beats it to death, it returns to its original shape.

I also love that I can use it to distract Leela while giving her a bath. It floats! And it doubles as a cool accessory. Trust Leela and her furryonista tendencies!

They current offer 2 lines: PrideBites and PrideBites Custom. The PrideBites consists of 25 different characters made up of animals and symbols. The PrideBites Custom line gives a company or retailer the ability to create any PrideBites design they want, whether it’s their own logo or their very own dream toy!.

And our absolute favorite reason for supporting these guys? For every toy sold, PrideBites donates to animal shelters and other organizations that help dogs in need, through their Buy a Toy, Help Save a Dog program. How cool is that? 

 You wanna know more, don't cha?

PrideBites was founded by 4 furryends who are avid animal lovers. While playing with their dogs, they realized that none of their toys could withstand the rigor of everyday playtime. In their quest for dog toys that would survive hikes up the canyon, muddy park outings, and swimming in the lake, the PrideBite™ was created.

 The Pack: Sean, Ting, Steven and Sam, image courtesy of PrideBites

(Fun fact: Sean secretly told us that he would love to be an invisible bear so he could steal beef jerky from campers in the woods and not get caught - BOL)

To learn more about the PrideBites pack & meet their best furryends, click here.

Maybe you can even use it as a Howl-o-ween costume? BOL 

If you would like to purchase one of these toys, you can do so on their website (they are back-ordered until mid Oct). For every toy sold on their website they donate $1 towards their social movement, Buy a Toy, Help Save a Dog

Be sure to enter coupon code "Oohleela" for 10% off!

You can also find them on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter

Disclaimer: Leela received her toy free of charge, but all opinions are 100% our own and we truly do love this toy!!!

About The Author : Leela

Leela is a 4.5 y.o. Silky Terrier who truly believes she is a baby. She is the Chief Designer at Ooh Leela!™, a dog boutique that specializes in personalized dog shirts, trendy dog clothing, beds and accessories. She is sassy and sweet, full of personality and attitude. You can follow her on Twitter and you can connect with her on Facebook

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