Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Lola, Leela's mousy

Do you ever feel like being creative and making something when your to-do list (containing mostly non-arts-y stuff) is a mile long? Well, I am in that kind of mood today.

So to celebrate my laziness lack of productivity in the day-job department, I made Lola, a cute little mousy, who is very girly and spoiled, much like her owner, Leela.

Leela loved it so much, it was almost impossible to take a picture before she took Lola..... And.... She has been playing with Lola for the past hour. Mission accomplished I guess ;)

Ignore the dust bunnies please :)

Would you like to see a tutorial? Leave a comment, please and I will be happy to prepare one for you!

XOXOs and thank you so much for stopping by and celebrating lazy Tuesday with me!

About The Author : Leela

Leela is a 4.5 y.o. Silky Terrier who truly believes she is a baby. She is the Chief Designer at Ooh Leela!™, a dog boutique that specializes in personalized dog shirts, trendy dog clothing, beds and accessories. She is sassy and sweet, full of personality and attitude. You can follow her on Twitter and you can connect with her on Facebook


  1. that is SO cute! i think you spent you time wisely and leela agrees!!! ;)

    off topic...thanks you for your kind words on my Sunday Post! they really came at the perfect time! hugs to you Isabela!

  2. Thank you Ladies!

    It means a lot :)


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