Sunday, June 26, 2011

Any fabric detectives out there?

I need some help.... I bought this fabric at Joann's 6 months or so ago. The problem is I only bought 1/2 yard (lesson learned: need to be less stingy in the future) and I am about to run out. I really love it and I went back for more, but surprise surprise, they no longer carry it. No one was able to tell me who makes it or which collection it belongs to. It was like they had never seen it before....

I have looked online, and I have also been to 4 different stores, but no luck so far....

Have you seen me?

Have you seen it before? Do you know where I can find it? Are there any websites out there that provide this sort of service? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I may even send you a thank you gift ;)

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  1. bummer Isabela...i have done that same thing more times than i care to admit! :) have you tried looking on for it - i have found fabrics i had gotten at Joann's there. it does take some commitment to look through all they have but i've been lucky more than once.

  2. I know that my Joann's still has that fabric, in pink, and in canvas. I will check for you, also I'll check at my parents Joann's (which is 40 miles north of me). I'll pick up a few yards if they have it.


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