Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leela and Sebastian go on a 2nd date in San Francisco

See part 1 of our date here.

Who knew that Baker Beach was such an awesome place??? The ocean breeze, blue sea and beautiful sand made this the perfect and most romantic place for Sebastian and Leela's 2nd date.

And how gorgeous did Sebastian look? In case you wore wondering, he is wearing a collar and neck tie made by his momma and available here). He really went all out to impress my little girl.

And even though it was windy and foggy... The two babies were mesmerized by the beauty and grandiosity of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Afterwards, we all headed to the Ferry Building.

Where we rested and watched humans....

Checked out the cool shops inside the Ferry building...

Photo courtesy: Sew Doggy Style
And grabbed a bite to eat.

We had such a great time acting as tourists in San Francisco. It is such a dog baby friendly place. Sebastian and Leela attracted so much attention. They do look really cute together.

To see more pictures of our wonderful dates, be sure to visit Sebastian's blog.

I also have a big surprise to share with y'all!!! If you follow Ooh Leela! on Facebook, you might already know what it is.... tee hee hee :)

What is your favorite spot to go on a date?

Have a great day sweet furryends!

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  1. Now you two make San Francisco look fabulous and extra stylish! ;-) I'm glad you all had a wonderful time at the beach and the ferry building! I love the ferry building...the cheese!!

  2. You two look very comfortable together...i'd say there's love in the air!!!


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