Friday, December 16, 2011

Doggie tees

Let me start out by saying that starting my own line of dog apparel and accessories has been a dream of mine for years. 

I started sewing on a regular basis 3 years ago... Kind of a funny story actually... I had been eyeing a sewing machine at Costco for quite some time, but I could not sell my hubby the idea justify spending money on it because {back then} I never seemed to finish anything I started, when it came to hobbies. 

But I must say that I wasn't entirely happy with that rationalization..... I wanted a sewing machine period. So, I started looking for alternatives.... I had a {rather fat, thank you very much} piggy bank.. So I broke my piggy bank, found a coinstar machine, dumped all my change, watched the machine count my coins only to find out that I was still $25 short. Friends, all I can say is that persistence pays off. Seeing my disappointment, hubby kindly offered the contents of his piggy bank....

Well, let's just say that the rest is history. Many equipment upgrades, youtube videos, online tutorials, cussing sessions, and sewing classes later, I am still going strong. For the past 3 years I had one goal in mind: I wanted to improve my skills & learn garment construction. And learn I did. And it feels so good =)

So without further ado, I must tell you about Ooh Leela's dog apparel & accessories line! 

It is here people!!! For realz! 

I don't have any {human} kids yet, but I am pretty sure this is what giving labor must feel like. There was so much thought, love, sweat and tears put into this line. It truly feels like it is my baby. 

These awesome {and stylish} tees are now available in my shop. They were hand printed by yours truly, using eco-friendly water-based inks. They have fun little messages that portray your dog's attitude err personality. This {LIMITED EDITION} cutie says: This is ALL I got for Christmas! 

These super soft, high quality 100% t-shirts were designed with Leela in mind. They are soft, comfy and were cut & sewn in a way so as to provide plenty of room for potty breaks. 

Now this is a two person and one dog show, so while we haven't added too many items just yet, we will be doing so throughout the month.... There will be polo shirts, hoodies & cute accessories. I can't wait to share them with you. 

Remember, Ooh Leela's Pet Collection is the ONLY one that contains a puppy seal of approval, issued by Leela herself! 

To show my appreciation for your support {thank YOU}, I am offering free shipping {and free upgrade to Priority mail} today. Enter SHIP2ME at checkout! These would make great stocking stuffers and your furry friend will love you for it! 

Happy Friday friends!

About The Author : Leela

Leela is a 4.5 y.o. Silky Terrier who truly believes she is a baby. She is the Chief Designer at Ooh Leela!™, a dog boutique that specializes in personalized dog shirts, trendy dog clothing, beds and accessories. She is sassy and sweet, full of personality and attitude. You can follow her on Twitter and you can connect with her on Facebook


  1. Isabela...these are SO cool!!! really nice work!!! what a super special collection! wishing you huge success with it!!!

  2. Found your blog when I was posting at another. Your adorable yorkie caught my eye because I have one too.

    Love your blog. I'm your newest follower!


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