Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laptop sleeve

I have finally gotten around to finishing my laptop sleeve. Hey, it only took me 7 months, but I am proud to say that this UFO (unfinished project) is done! Woo-hoo!

I used Amy Butler's Temple Tulips in Azure/Soul Blossoms that I got for 7.99/yard. I lined it with some yellow flannel that I had on hand and to make it extra sturdy, I used fusible fleece. It was a bit bulky, but my 100/16 needle made it much much easier to get the job done. 

I used velcro for the closure....

Is this one of my own patterns you might ask? No, I used Sew Mama Sew's pattern. You can find it here.

A few notes about the pattern:
  • I love the measurement part and how you can customize it to fit any laptop. The formula looks a bit daunting at first, but it is super simple and it works. 
  • The pattern has lots of pictures and they definitely helped me since I am more of a visual learner.
  • The instructions are clear for the most part, but I must admit that I got confused at times and ended up fusing the fleece to the wrong panel.... An easy fix, but a frustrating experience nevertheless....

I love how it turned out though! It took me about 2 hrs., from start to finish. A perfect "mind candy" type of project.

PS: have you seen my new blog signature?!? Andee Eve from Bearing Fruit inspired me! Check out her blog for awesome blogging tips and tricks!

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  1. I really love that! I think I could really use that for my laptop!

  2. Wow - that looks great! Congrats on finishing it! Love the fabric too!

  3. Love love the laptop sleeve...and the new signature!

  4. Love the pattern and the lined inside! You did a fabulous job!

  5. It turned out great!! I am in need of making an iPad sleeve soon... Thanks for the motivation:)

  6. Gorgeous! I wish I were so inclined to make one!

  7. looks so neat!!!
    and your blog is beautiful!!!

  8. Woow!!! Beautiful!!!I love the combination of the fabrics :)

  9. Love the colors and the design on the fabric. Great objects that attract the eye.

  10. Glad you finished your wonderful project! It looks peachy!

  11. Thank you so much Ladies, so happy you stopped by!

  12. Wow very impressive! I really like the pattern. Your laptop must be feeling great now =)

  13. nice Isa!!! love your fabric choice! you go girl!!! :D


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