Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday chuckle

This video is shared in honor of our bulldog (and son) Melvyn. Melvyn was with us for a little over a year before he disappeared. He was an 8-week old puppy when we got him in Southern California. Although he did not surf, skateboard or snowboard, he was a mean soccer player. Melvyn wherever you are I hope that you know your Mommy, Daddy and sister miss you tremendously. It was an honor to have had you in our lives (even if it was for such a short period of time, and even though it still hurts that you are no longer with us). We love you.

Sorry I have been absent over this past week. I just had a bad case of writer's block and a whole lot of stuff on my plate.

Hope you have a great Sunday! Thanks for stopping by xoxo

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  1. love the video Isabela - so sorry to hear about your puppy! nice tribute blog post!

  2. Hi! I really hope I win the give away!


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