Thursday, August 11, 2011

More baby shower goodness

The outside of Mrs. H.'s uncle's house is so gorgeous, we only added a few extra touches. I made some pink and beige tissue paper pom poms. They were so easy (and inexpensive) to make and I think they looked adorable. We had lots and lots of chairs and a few small tables next to some of the chairs (covered in plastic table covers we got from the Dollar Store) so as to give people a place to put their drinks and plates.

We also added a gift table by the entryway and 2 large rectangular tables (found at Costco, also covered in plastic table covers) which we used to serve the food. We opted to keep all the food and drinks outside and the sweet stuff inside.

I put a bowl (that I got at Michaels, for 40% off), with pink rocks, water and a few pink daisies right where both tables met.

I wish I had more pictures of all the food we made, but we were running a bit late... We served pigs in a blanket (made by yours truly), clam dip & potato chips (made by hubby), veggie platters, chicken salad sammies, ham and cheese croissants, chicken tenders with ranch and bbq sauce, semi-homemade potato salad, cheese & crackers, fruit salad and tequenos.

And do you see the two tier trays we used to serve the cheese and crackers and chicken salad sammies? They used to be ugly Dollar Store silver trays! Tutorial coming soon.

We also served water, soda, sun tea, tropical punch and strawberry lemonade with fresh raspberries. 

We played so many fun games: guess how big momma is, feed the baby, baby raffle... Feed the baby was the best game and it was Mrs. H.'s idea! We bought baby bottles at the Dollar Store, filled them with milk, picked 3 couples, had the "boys" wear a diaper (depends), and the "girls" had to bottle feed the boys. It was hilarious to say the least!

We had lots of prizes, neatly stored in pink and white bags with a bow and a tag (that said Mrs. H.'s baby shower - 08/06/11)...

Let's not forget the party favors: Hershey's kisses (silver and pink) in beautiful organza bags. Who doesn't like Hershey's kisses?!?

Although we did not reinvent the wheel (you can see where most of my inspiration came from, if you visit me on Pinterest), I truly think everything came out really nice. What do you think?

Mrs. H., thank you so much for allowing me to help you plan & be a part of your special day! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to meet Camila!!!

Are you planning any parties? If so, share the details, in the comment section below! 


PS: tutorials and tips coming soon!

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