Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF Favorites

Having trouble prioritizing your tasks? You should check out this post

Is the mess around you messing with you? Gussy, from Gussy Sews shared her take on it

Can this candle mat bee any cuter? The sweet Mollie delivers once again. 

Mini-risks?!? I'm all about challenging myself. 

I **love** this dress.

This family is sew cute!

Leela is definitely getting some homemade treats this weekend.

Happy Friday friends!

About The Author : Leela

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  1. hi Isa - love that you posted the was fun exploring! oh and that would look so lovely on you! are you gonna splurge? should!

    1. I might Annie, I love it so much :) Thank you so much for stopping by. Glad you liked the links.


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