Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tutorial: holiday/winter DIY centerpiece

Hello Ooh Leela friends! I know it has been a while since I last "saw" you, but this past week was absolutely crazy! Work was extremely demanding and I have a huge to-do list: more tutorials and material for the blog, I have been working on some nice projects for Ooh Leela's Etsy shop, I need to increase traffic to the shop, holiday shopping, etc etc.

I read a few blogs on a daily basis and it seems that everyone is on the same boat as far as to-do lists go. If you have any survival tips, PLEASE share (can you read the desperation?).

I don't know about you, but hubby and I always end up overspending during the holidays. We were at Costco last week and hubby wanted to buy me some flowers (isn't he SO sweet?), but I had an idea I had wanted to try for a few years and since we had already spent way more than our budget allowed, I said no.

I put this centerpiece together the other day and he loved it! He thought it was the coolest thing ever! So did my mom and friends. And the best part? It did not cost us a thing! And it makes such a huge impact!

Tutorial: DIY holiday/winter centerpiece

Material list:

Red maple tree leaves or any red leaves you manage to find in your yard
Pine cones (smaller ones are better): this can also come from your backyard
1 tall vase
Tree branches: I got mine at Michael's a few years ago


1. Clean your vase, and add the pine cones to the bottom (appr. 1/4 of the vase).

2. Arrange the red leaves nicely, so that the red part actually shows. Mixing smaller and bigger leaves works really well.

3. Play with the branches. See what works best.

4. I chose to display a couple of candles on both sides of the vase because I think they compliment the design quite nicely.

And because the leaves are red, you can leave this up until Christmas. The only thing I would change is the candles. Perhaps use red candles, or Santa/Frosty? 

Next up: Christmas baskets, decor and chair covers. A MUST see.

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  1. really cool, is really clear and easy the DIY,love the idea!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Studioto! Glad you liked it. Have a wonderful holiday season!


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