Welcome to our little corner on the Web. I am Isabela, aka Leela's mommy. Leela is a 4.5 year-old silky terrier, who truly believes she is a baby. Who am I to disagree right?

Isabela: I am a perfectionist, list making type of person. Thrown my type-A personality into the mix and you have one very interesting recipe. Just ask my hubby. Apart from designing dog clothes, I also enjoy going to the gym, watching movies (Napoleon Dynamite is one of my all time faves) and traveling. 

Leela: she is sassy and sweet, full of personality and attitude. She loves to sleep and boss mommy around. She also likes to chase mice, the real and the stuffed kind. She snores, burps and sneezes like no one's business. In private. For all intents and purposes she is a lady.  A diva. A furryonista. She hopes to attend college and major in English one day.

We started our blog in November of 2010 to document our creative journey. On occasion you will get a glimpse of the "day-to-day." We also cover a variety of topics including but not limited to dog fashion, health, travel tips and tutorials.

Apart from blogging, Leela and I have recently launched our own dog apparel line: Ooh Leela!

We believe that every pet has an attitude, er, personality. Let it shine! 

Our goal is to create high quality dog apparel, that is both trendy and fun, using only the finest materials with an extra dose of love and attention to detail.

We make trendy, personalized dog t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, reversible tank tops and shorts. We love to work closely with our customers, bringing their ideas to life by creating something truly unique for their furbabies.  

We make everything in-house (in our pet-friendly California studio), from designing our own patterns to screen printing the shirts.  

Some fun facts about our little family:
  •  Leela doesn’t bark or yap; nope, no sire. She is a lady.
  •  I am obsessed with lists.
  •  Leela graced us with her presence in January of 2008
  •  Leela understands English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Some days I am not sure who the pack leader is
  • We are both obsessed with fabric
  • We love popcorn
  • Leela ate a whole box of chocolate once (it was an accident) and she miraculously survived. Told you she was special